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Call or text me to set up an appointment to get your plumbing taken care of. Due to the cost of travel; I offer free quotes only if you provide me with pictures of the needed work. If I'm near you I am happy to stop by. I don't play games to get my foot in the door. No massive discounts to make you think you have to decide right now or the deal is gone. I treat you the way I want to be treated. I appreciate being respected in return.


You just want hot water to come out of the faucet when you turn it on, right? There's so much more to it than just throwing a water heater in and hoping for the best. We care about your safety. All of our water heater installations are up to code and provide more value for your money. Tank and tankless water heater options are available. For a free quote; text Aaron pictures of your current water heater setup (from floor to ceiling). Be sure to include your location and what options you'd like us to include.

Call/text 903-305-4032

A running toilet will cost you more money on your water bill than it would to repair or replace it. Do you still have the old water wasting tanks? It's time for an upgrade. My favorite toilets on the market are the Wolverine Brass Finale and the Gerber Avalanche. I usually get called to install one and not too long afterwards I get called back to change the rest of their toilets because they like them so much. Standard elongated or comfort-height options available. 

Also, this is a good time to upgrade the toilet seat to a slow-close seat or even a bidet. 

The first question I always get is what faucet do I think is best. My answer has always been Moen. They've always been good to me and my customers and their products look and work great! There are several great brands out there and I'm happy to install them all. However, some cheaper faucets are more difficult to install and don't last nearly as long. The difference in labor can start to exceed the cost of just going with higher quality faucet to begin with. Plus, getting parts for cheap faucets can become so frustrating  you end up buying a replacement faucet instead of waiting weeks for parts to arrive.

Sometimes the old gate style valves start to fail. They turn and turn and leak out of the handle. Whether it's the water main valve serving your home, the valve under the sink, or the hose bib faucet on the side of the house; I can provide high quality options that can be much more reliable for years to come.

Winter can still get cold. Did you know there are freezeless hose bib faucet options?


Maybe you're tired of the way the water tastes or smells. Maybe you just know you want to be bathing in cleaner water. I can provide whole-house filtration for all of your water needs or perhaps a reverse osmosis drinking water tap in the kitchen is all you really want. Contact me to discover the right options for you.

Water and drain piping starts to get old and wears out.

If you have a leak I repair it the right way. No push to connect fittings!!! Those are a cheap and quick option that I have seen fail many times, costing homeowner's several thousands of dollars. When it comes to plumbing cheap has never been cheap in the end. 

I have done several remodel projects. Everything from massive home additions to a simple kitchen or bathroom update. Travel costs and time involved quoting jobs can get excessive. Depending on where you are located there may be a fee to provide a bid. However, the cost for the bid is deducted from the job total if you hire us.


We currently do not offer drain cleaning, sewer camera, septic, or new construction services. 

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Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

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