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Water filtration

A clear glass of water can be deceiving. For instance, this is a set of filters in Utah that are changed annually, and you can see how much they’ve removed from the water. In other words, this is how many contaminants that a water filtration system prevented from being cooked with, washed with, and consumed.

Contaminants in our drinking water are classified as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). The higher the number, the less it is absorbed and utilized by our bodies. For instance, my home has around 250 TDS before my filters and near 0 after my filters. Because of the filters, we have clean water in our home, and clean water has several benefits, including:

-It’s essential to good health and water absorption.

-Save money on bottled water.

-Better for cooking.

Most importantly, clean water is important to good health. Having a good filtration system is the key to having clean water without the waste of water bottles. Call us to install the best 6-stage reverse osmosis system so it can also alkalize the water to keep it from being too acidic.

Additionally, we can add a water line to your refrigerator or ice machine so you can enjoy filtered water with every sip.

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