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pressure regulator
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The pressure regulator is one of the most important components in your plumbing system. It’s often buried in the wall and forgotten but it regulates the water pressure coming into your home and should be tested annually. Standard water pressure should be between 50-75psi. Often, homes have 100+psi coming into their homes. Without a functioning regulator this much pressure will wear out your water heater and components, water softener, faucets, and even decrease your water piping life span.

If you have low water pressure (and/or low water volume), loud pipes, loud toilets, dripping faucets, etc. you may have a failed regulator.

Call us and set up a FREE house water pressure test. If you do need a new regulator we can replace it and get your system running properly again. It’s much more affordable than a potential flood. A little preventative maintenance can save you a lot of time and money. Go beyond the price of a quick and cheap job using cheap materials that’ll only last a year or two, often for more money than we charge. We install only the highest quality products that are built to last many years.

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