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Still putting up with that dripping faucet in your kitchen? A quick repair might be all you need. In other words, save money and save water. If you’re ready to upgrade to a new faucet we can do that too. Often times we see these small drips running down the faucet body and through to the cabinet below. There’s no need to put off an inexpensive repair at the cost of ruining your cabinets or worse, creating mold in the ceiling below.

Be sure to check the valve stops serving each faucet in your home. For instance, the older gate style valves (the kind you have to turn several times to turn on/off) often leak around the packing nut. The newer style are 1/4 turn on/off and are much more reliable.

Additionally, we can install a new faucet for you. Give us a call or text.



Looking to add a water line to your fridge or a filtered water line to your sink? Give us a call and we can help make the water that you and your family consume more convenient and safe with our refrigerator water lines and faucet filters.

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