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If you have a running toilet in your bathroom then you’re probably spending more on your water bill than you would replacing the problem parts. You may even want to consider a higher flushing capacity new toilet that still conserves water. You have options! Round, elongated, comfort height toilets and now you can get a more comfortable slow-close or bidet seat to go with it.

Call us now and we’ll fix or replace your toilet. Replace 2 or more during the same appointment for maximum savings.


We work with the best when it comes to full scale remodeling. Rearrange the entire bathroom or even turn extra closet space into the bathroom of your dreams.

Be sure to check the valve stops serving each faucet in your home. The older gate style valves (the kind you have to turn several times to turn on/off) often leak around the packing nut. The newer style are 1/4 turn on/off and are much more reliable.


The old 3-handle tub/shower valve is not a safe option. Not only are they constantly springing another leak but they are dangerous. Children and the elderly have slower reaction times to hot water and the separate temperature handles pose a threat to the safety of the user. It is far too easy for the hot side to be left on accidentally or get turned on first while waiting for hot water to get to the tub. No need to worry about the finished wall. We can replace that old valve with a single handle, pressure balancing valve that is much safer and more attractive. Our remodel trim plate will cover the holes from the old valve so you don’t need to wait for a remodel project to get it done.

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